Wing Chun, also known in some countries as Ving Tsun, or Wing Tsun, is a close quarter style of combat that utilizes simultaneous striking and blocking.  Originating in Southern China, Wing Chun was designed to enable smaller, weaker persons to overcome brute force.

           Wing Chun emphasizes a strong body stance, likened to a piece of bamboo; firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. This body structure is used to deflect or redirect external force. Within the stance, the arms are positioned across the centerline of the body, protecting the face and vital organs. Wing Chun focuses on efficiency, fluidity and simplicity to defeat an opponent as quickly as possible. 

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Wing ChunPrice
Group 700 B/ single session
5,500 B/ 10 session (valid 3months)
4,500 B/ 1 month unlimited
12,000 B/ 3 months unlimited

Private/Group Private

(max 6 people)

1,300 B/ single session
11,000 B/ 10 sessions (valid 3months)